The ordered magnificence of Life in all Its expression is the pure reflection of Divine Perfection.  One Life moves forward in perfect and complete Joy.  It is All and all that exists is complete in It. I am that perfection individualizing into the order of my affairs.

In this moment I know there is an order to everything.  All things have their place and time. Everything that is has its value and finds its balanced place and time in my life I know my priorities and I act on them. With Spirit as the first order of my life I choose my foundations and build my pillars.  My consciousness is a powerful temple of the Infinite, built firmly upon a foundation of Joy, Peace, Power and Love. Every activity builds my world upon these principles and all my life abides in harmonious order.

I am rejoiced in the wonder of this perfection with a heart filled in gratitude.  It is Good. It is God. And It is Done.

Affirmation: I build in balance and harmony.


And So It Is


Today’s Quote: You’re never fully dressed without a smile. ~Martin Charnin

Today’s Affirmation: I bring my smile to every moment because I Am Outrageously Alive.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: We start to dress up for the day with the first thought that we put on in the morning.  Just as you change if your choice of clothes clash so must you also attend to your thoughts.  Dress up with self esteem to day and let your smile be the finishing touch.