Straight and True

One Life is upon One Path.  That Path is all encompassing for it is All. None walk alone for all are one.  I am One with this Infinite and every individual; I am One with Life. My life is God’s Life and by my decree it is established in perfection now.

I declare upon this breath that I walk true.  My every step holds to the path that never wavers. Every thought and action is singular and fixed upon the One Source; I know It and It knows me.  By my knowing I hold fast to my bearing.  I do not waver for every step holds to sacred ground and my vision sees through the illusion, the insanity of separation, into the one holy light of love.  I am fixed upon my bearing, immersed in calm and bound in the harmony of singularity.

In this focus I am rested in appreciation, enveloped in gratitude and relaxed upon this straight path. I walk ever in the shadow of the Maker into which this word is released, knowing already its fulfillment Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: In all paths there is One Way; I follow it Today.


Today’s Quote: The written word can be erased – Not so with the spoken word. ~Unknown

Today’s Affirmation:  I choose my words to reflect the sweetness of all my thoughts today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Writing is a powerful access to the deeper thoughts, feelings and beliefs which drive our spoken words and actions.  Journaling is a most effective ways to clean up those irrational fears of childhood which tend to drive our unconscious verbal ‘faux pas’ that cause such unexpected hurts. Until the feelings and beliefs are identified they cannot be changed.  Once revealed and released they no longer slip into our unconscious language.