I Think First

Infinite Life, Eternal and transcendent, exists in through and as all that is.  It is First Cause, and the author and existence of all that thinks.  There is no life that this is not; It is perfect and complete and It is my life as this perfect experience now.  I am the individualization of Divine Mind and my logo is the Law of my being.

Right now I breathe; and I think my dreams into existence.  All that I desire is formulated in this moment through clear, focused and aligned thought.  It starts with my first thought –this thought. In this breath I Know Life, it is full, it is complete and it is joy–filled.   I declare this Life as all I know. It is my first and only thought; the singular momentum of Love upon itself and it is complete.

Right now I great fully acknowledge a life that has been impacted perfectly by a clear and dedicated thought; One Life, One Love fully realized Now. This life is given over already complete back into First Cause, that Beginning without beginning.

And So It Is  

Affirmation: From First Cause springs my first thought; Love Is All There Is.


Today’s Quote: In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on. ~Robert Frost

Today’s Affirmation:  Every day, every way, with every breath and in all my play; Life gets bigger and better.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Life is Eternal; time goes on.  Time will continue to go on for each of us until we dissolve all our fears into the One Perfection.  The first step is to believe in that perfection regardless of the information of our senses.  Eventually the belief will reveal itself in all our affairs as any belief must.  This is the meaning of judge only righteous judgment.