I Turn My Thought Around

Pure Perfection knows only perfection; it is the state of the Infinite.  All that it sees is pure and perfect harmony; every creation is eternal.  I am one with this creation. I am one with this life. I speak from this Oneness and know now that it is done.

I declare right here and now that my thought dwells upon the sacred truth that is all life.  As I look I see only love and beauty, joy and peace.  In every aspect of creation I see only the One Power manifest and expressing.  As I look upon this Life and re member it in every detail I rid myself of every old thought of suffering and disease that sprang from an old sense of separation and vulnerability.  I have turned my thought around and returned to the One.  Every conflict that was is gone and dissipated away into the nothingness of a weary imagination. All that remains is my new thought fixed upon the joy and passion of creation.  I bring love and more love into my world today; it is all I know and all that remains.  And It Is Good.

I celebrate in thanks and praise knowing that by my invocation from Source, through every fibre of feeling I have, it is truly done now.

And So It Is

Affirmation:  My life unfolds today with a new beginning and a new opportunity.