I Seize My Now

The Infinite springs forth in the whole of this moment in all It’s Infinite perfection.  From this all encompassing ‘Now’ It fills and overflows all time and space and every dimension beyond. In this, Now is all there is, and I am fully contained within this Divine moment.  I am fully present in, through and as this God moment and I am co-author with the One.  My word is Law and it is Done.

I declare now that I am that which God Is at the level of my awareness and apprehension.  All I feel is Life, all I know is Life and in this living moment I claim the fullness of this Life. I claim it and I accept that it is mine now as it has always been.  I claim the life that is my right; joy, peace, glamour and fun.  I declare my right to it and I make it mine with this very breath; I seize my Now and I live it for the fullness of eternity. I live the effervescent experience of the eternal indwelling the action of celebration.  It is Joy deep and profound, and it is mine Now.

It is a grateful heart that sings out loud the magnitude of happiness I feel.  I am blessed and very blessed for I breathe the angel breath and walk the dance of the celestial spheres.  It is all mine and it is all now.  And it is all The Master Creator that has made it so, right now.

And So It Is

Affirmation:  The Light of a New Way is Dawning in My Heart Today.