November 08 2012

Treatment – New Ideas, new Beliefs by Rev Dale

Infinite Life is forever revealing itself, forever unfolding and forever informing in all Its magnificence.  Perfection is made manifest at every turn and the ‘old’ is eternally revisiting itself in new and wondrous form as the Eternal Formless revels in expression.  I am One with this; my soul and my being are enfolded in the all.  It courses through me and takes form as me.  My word is Law and I speak it now.

I live my life in continued renewal; ever re-forming and changing from an old and outdated premise.  I accept the new. Every idea that comes to me is fresh and re vitalizing.  I live a rich tapestry of profound and beautiful new ideas.  My mind is the nursery of Infinite Intelligence as it continually percolates up with new thoughts and vibrant concepts.  I am driven to bring these God concepts into realization and am at the crux of time and space for the perfect revelation of all that desires to be; through me.

I rejoice knowing that the perfection of Infinite Mind is revealed in my thought and affairs in detail.  I celebrate knowing that I am arrived in the company of the Infinite and all is well and more than well in my affairs.
I release my word. It is blessed in the oneness and already made fruitful.  In this sacredness it is surrendered done and complete.

And So It Is November 11th, 2012

Affirmation:  It’s a New Day, A New Way; and I choose to Live it completely.