October 04 2012

Living Life’s Abundance by Rev Dale

The opulence of an infinite flow reveals itself into this moment now where I stand in perfect communion with the One Life Force.  I am the breathing and the breath as It moves in unimaginable splendour upon and through the whole of  It’s being. Abundance in unlimited potential, beauty indescribable existent in infinite potential awaits the word upon my lips. I am the voice of the Divine upon my affairs and I speak.

Right now; I am witness to the unimaginable bounty of potential awaiting my declaration and I stand at the floodgates with my hand upon the valve. I look upon this bounty in awareness that it awaits only my willingness and without my action remains empty potential; God is fulfilled by my action.  I declare that I accept the riches promised me as I open the floodgates, the flow rushes forward and the turbines turn, I turn potential into power with the shift of this thought now.  Riches flow into my affairs and open opportunities to me here-to-fore unrealized.  By my use of wealth I facilitate the movement in the hearts minds and lives of every soul I touch.  Something wonderful is happening by the touch of my hand, shift is occurring.  I get it and I give it; the wealth that passes through my hand enriches my world and all is more vibrant by my action.

I gratefully act upon my conviction giving forth now from the rush of unprecedented bounty that fills my coffers to over flowing. Money touches my hand and is joyously and thankfully shared. Even as this word is given forth into Infinite Mind already acted upon.  It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I accept the bounty that Life offers up to me today.