December 12, 2007

It was time for me to let go and allow my purpose to clarify.  After almost three years of writing the discipline crumbled.  No I didn’t have writers block.  I just hit a limit and it came time to review what I was doing and remember why I was doing it.  Ultimately I came up with many valid reasons; I also discovered a need for a holiday.  I just needed a break; it came over me suddenly and powerfully.  And Lightmail did not go out!  I could have pushed myself but then it would not have been in integrity with my desire to express with authenticity.  I know it is important for every one of us to honour our feelings, so after wrestling with my inner resistances for a day I chose to give myself a break.  Of course the sudden flooding of emails from our wayward mailer system helped.  I was left thinking we had all probably received enough for a day or so.

So a break I took and a break I shall continue to take. 

You will still receive the daily’s and I may find something inspirational to share in the next couple weeks. 

So as this calendar comes to a close I wish you the best of the season.  Whether you are local or not you can always find me on the Okanagan Centre For Positive Living forum at: .  If you could use someone to talk with I will be available by appointment at 250-549-4399.  And for those who are local check out our many happenings on the Centre website: .

So here’s wishing you all the best in this your season of celebration and may your 2008 truly be great.

One final order of business before I send this out to all of you.  During this next while if you have any writings you have done that you believe would be inspirational to others send it to me for possible publication on this list please submit them for review.


This is a poem submitted by a past member who would now be in her late eighties; a little thought about Christmas that I would like to share.

 CHRISTMASCarolers sing in the crisp cold night.Houses glow brightly with soft candle Light.Ribboned parcels, all sizes lie under the tree,Intriguing and secret they call you and me.Stars sparkle so brilliantly high in the skyTelling the wise men where Jesus will lie.Mary gives birth to her angel-blessed boyAs the world looks in awe with hearts full of joy,Sharing the promise that love will not die.By Pat NesbittSo wishes for a beautiful season,