November 14, 2007

It is clear that when it comes to the details of a life we are utterly out of control.  Yet often we hear about people thinking a thing right before it happens.  Or we have the experience; we pick up the phone as it rings.  Or we may have an idea which needs a skill and the available person shows up.


And what do we call these events?  Miracles, coincidences, serendipity?  Some people will even claim such fortuitous events are a sign of the devil.  Whatever the reaction is it tends toward superstition.  What else can a person think about these uncontrollable events?  As long as they remain uncontrollable there really is no option, they rest in the realm of the supernatural. 


So we arrive at the only useful question.  Can we somehow control these events? Are they actually natural events in a world we don’t yet understand?  We will never know for sure as a whole until we can demonstrate these coincidences with consistency as individuals.  And we will never know for sure as individuals until we consciously prove the underlying principles to ourselves.


Although there are many reasons why, I have only found three or four major blocks to the process of constructive transformative thinking.  The first and most prevalent block is unconsciousness, the lack of awareness of the creative power of our thoughts.  Day after day all over the world people continue to meander through life completely oblivious to the power they have to direct experience in any direction just by focusing attention and passion.  To the joy of many in recent years this understanding has become far more public with a whole parade of best selling authors bringing these ideas to the fore.  It is much easier to talk about thought power without getting that blank faraway look in our comrades eyes.


The next biggest area of resistance to creative thinking is a lack of mental discipline.  Most people who first enter into this creative philosophy, and many who have been in it for years, seem to think that to think of a thing is enough, “I did what they said, now where’s my mother lode?”  Fortunately this process doesn’t work that way, if it did every thought sent out would cause catastrophic change.  Thankfully thought is a rather rarefied essence and matter is rather dense.  It takes disciplined and focused thinking to demonstrate a specific physical experience.  It takes disciplined thinking just to change a belief or attitude which, for most of us, is enough to make a profound difference in our lives.  Still it does take a creative focus maintained at least ten to fifteen minutes a day for, in some cases, many years to develop concrete proof of this process.  Few people can find that kind of discipline within themselves even though almost all people are capable.

The third chronic area of challenge to creative transformation is intelligence.  We have all met those people who have built up such a fortress of argument and justification that they couldn’t detect it if the light came on in their own head.  Those are the one’s so adept at explaining to us exactly why our dreams can never be realized. We who practice affirmative thinking and dreaming avoid the influence of such people, when they say “can’t” we head the other direction and eliminate them from our inner circle of advisors.  Curiously these people if they ever get turned around are a formidable forward movement.  Once they get away from the need to be right, or fear of being wrong opportunity opens up for them.


Which leads me to the final major area of limitation; fear.  Some people live in fear so glaring they are almost unbearable to be around.  They seem to exude an aura of confusion which infiltrates all but the clearest mental focus.  These people can easily be spotted; the difficult ones to see are those who live their lives in a subtle state of anxiety, a low lying background chatter that appears to constantly destabilize the desire for forward movement.  They do all the work but somehow it just doesn’t seem to bring them the results.  Diligent, pleasant to be around, yet somehow out of alignment, they work, work, work yet still nothing changes.  And deep down they knew this would always turn into an empty bag of some one else’s promises.  They usually get overwhelmed with their process of changing circumstances rather than their counter productive thinking.  They just can’t seem to let go of the evidence of their eyes.  This is absolutely the most difficult hurdle to surpass in a new awakening of our power to create our lives.  Yet this is the example of the masters.  Being able to see beyond the moment into the world of potential with absolute certainty is the hallmark of all the greatest religious leaders and hypothesis of the leading edge of science.  It is the only way.


There are many challenges to the demonstration of transformative thinking; I have only explored the most global four challenges.  If one surpasses these four the others are mere detours and rough patches on a road to a new age.