October 24, 2007

Every action has a consequence.  Anger is an action; it is as real as and more powerful than the physical actions it leads to.  The energy of anger must go somewhere and if not constructively channeled will lead to destructive outcomes.  It must be followed by clear and directed action.


When we look into the leading edge of quantum physics we find one of the most enticing theories (the holographic universe) states that thoughts and emotions are a tangible substance just like the chair I am now sitting in, only subtler.  It goes on to say these subtle energies, although invisible contain within them far more energy, more force, than the physical objects we see.


An effective image used to explain this is that of the wind moving clouds; we don’t see the wind yet it has immense power over the clouds.  The subtler substances have vast power over the grosser forms.  There are numerous examples such as this in nature; one happening as I write this is the power of invisible air and heat on the wild fires raging in southern California; others are visible in the force of water on earth. 


The observer effects in quantum physics show that thought has a comparable impact on the material results of quantum particle experiments.  So Bohm and other leading physicists are concluding that our thoughts do actually restructure our environment in accord with the nature of the thoughts.


Recently in Vancouver a man died when tasered by the police.  Dennis, who I was having coffee with, told me there were many people expressing anger with the excessive use of force in that situation by our police.  I suggested the officer at fault would not be punished; had made a decision and acted upon it.  Every day many times a day they are forced to make judgment calls and in a split second act upon those decisions.  They don’t have time to wonder what the neighbours are going to think; they do the best they can with what they have.  I’m sure that officer, although hurt by the outcome of the actions taken, is recognizing that with the information available they would make the same decision.  The only anger and resentment they are feeling is in reaction to the anger being directed at them for taking action.



Like all of us, the undirected anger they hold will be poison to them unless they do something to channel it into positive action.  While they are likely doing that, taking action, I wonder how many of the people who have focused anger at them are finding ways to direct that anger into positive exploits.  I suspect most have simply allowed those negative toxins to flow into their bodies. Many simply sat back down to watch the next horror story on the six o’clock news already having added those feelings to their existing emotional confusion.


I wonder how many of us would continue to indulge in such activity and thinking if we were truly aware of releasing toxicity equivalent to a pack of cigarettes into our bodies with that mishandled negativity.  I suspect there would be considerably more concern.  Maybe we would have more volunteers in our communities, more people learning stress reduction and offering it in classes.  There might be more police support people and at our airports we might start initiating hospitality and service support people.  People might start getting more active politically, advocating the changes they want instead of just fussing about the ‘horrible’ politicians and then carrying on feeling helpless.


The only thing that makes our society work is our participation and to the degree that we actively participate we make ours a better world.  So if you feel anger let it move you to make yours a better world.  After all together in positive action, mental or physical, we really do make a difference.