Dec 14, 2005

One of the greatest hypotheses of modern man is; ‘where ones attention goes, ones energy flows’. This can simply be stated; thought is creative.  Every successful sales person and athlete is quite aware of this idea on a personal level.  Many other people are aware of this in their own success oriented careers and prove it daily to their satisfaction. 

Unfortunately it will continue to simply be a hypothesis, a postulation, even a quack idea to the worshipper of empirical thinking because it continues to be immeasurable.  How can a person measure the intensity and focus of a thought?  How can one correlate physical experience to mental activity? It is now and always will be impossible to prove anywhere but in our own lives.
So what does all this have to do with labeling? Very simply, to give a thing or situation a name we give it identity, we give it existence.  We cannot think about what has no name.  Even ‘it’ is enough of a name to identify with a situation or object.  So we label. 

The imperative here is that we label each situation in some way that will empower us ‘to have dominion over it’.  If the feeling we hold around an idea is fear, then that is part of our thought, —and that is what we will create, individually and collectively.  By our fear we will actually be giving it power to dominate us.  This is not a good thing when the label that hangs over us is ‘Cancer’ or some other ‘incurable’ disease.

In Dr Larry Dossey’s book “Healing Words he sites studies that show the attitude one holds toward a disease directly correlates to ones ability to ‘beat it’. 

Some people say "I have ‘insomnia’"; I say "I have an opportunity to meditate".  Some people say "I have a cold, flu or some rampant Asian strain of bacteria"; I say "I am having an ‘elimination’".  I don’t deny what is happening, I merely disempower it with a more manageable label.  Of course when I am seeking sympathy I will label my disease so as to get sympathy.

We may not be able to stop our thinking but with practice we can certainly change our patterns of thinking and maybe, just maybe we will create for ourselves more fulfilling lives.  It takes time, maybe years for some, to make those shifts but the value is high and the rewards are high.  This

Christmas give yourself the gift of a new and empowering label; call yourself successful, happy and healthy.  Don’t accept other people’s labels of dis-ease; that is no gift to give yourself in this sacred season, or any time for that matter.

May the joy of the season be with you.

Many Blessings,