June 7, 2006

For me this perspective brings home my purpose; who am I really seekingpeace for, myself, or everyone else.  There is nothing wrong with seeking peace for others yet without discovering peace within there isno way to establish a true outer peace.

Hidden within my values I discover the true beauty of this perspective. I discover I am not driven by outward success; I am unswayed when I hear the opinions of other people; as they tell me of the latest terrorist action in the world or our country.  I quickly recover when I find I have inadvertently acted in a less than peaceful manner.

I recognize that my practices of peaceful non-violent action have to do primarily with my own health and well being.  I am convinced absolutely, based on scientific evidence I have seen, that feelings of anger, despair and any other form of hurtfulness cause ill health.

So one might say that my actions are purely selfish; I would definitely agree that they are at least partly self serving.  Yet simultaneously they are serving society as a whole.

So is it possible to have world peace?  Maybe not from our human perspective, yet even as I say this I recognize a higher power, what I know as an Infinite Intelligence; a point of order existing back of this incomprehensible activity that we call life.  On that more absolute level I believe peace has never even been challenged, life continues in perfect harmony and co-exists with the perceived chaos of humanity.

I remember once seeing on a documentary on Joseph Campbell, an elevated view of Grand Central Station in New York during rush hour.  What was absolute chaos and confusion for any new comers to that setting, from above was a harmonious  unfolding.  It was simply a matter of perspective.  Just like water in a creek; it can be so turbulent if one falls in, yet simultaneously it can be absolute harmony when one is being carried toward their destination.

It seems to me, the only truly important perspective around peace is the one that allows each of us and the world we live in to co-exist in harmony and joy.  If we are not already there in our homes and hearts we cannot show the value of peace to others.  How could one convince any about the value of peace by having an apoplectic fit?  We can't!  Any time and to whatever degree we act out of alignment with our words we impact others adversely to our cause.

So I, every day, seek to learn more completely the meaning of peace in my life.  In every way I can find I seek to better walk my talk.  I am not perfect at it but I know I will get there faster by taking the little actions I am able to take.  And the wonder of it is each person I touch from this harmonizing perspective as I go through my day is uplifted.